Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My post-apocalyptic costume so far

For anyone who followed along on my post-apoc costume previously, I will consolidate the progress here and post new photos as well.

To catch everyone up who hadn't been following along, basically I saw an amazing panel at Dragon*Con this year with Kenneth Reising where he described the process involved with making a post-apoc costume. I had always loved costuming stuff, but never knew how to get into it. This panel really inspired me to get something going, either for Halloween this year, or next year's Dragon*Con.

I scavenged Goodwill, other thrift stores and local flea markets for parts and pieces for my new costume. Ironically, much of the costume has come from junk I had in my garage or basement, as well.

What's that? You want to see pictures? Sure thing!

My new home

So, after many MANY problems with my web host, which include everything from accusations of hacking to repeated downtime to the latest issue of having their ENTIRE SERVER hacked, I've decided to finally give up on running websites on my own.

At first, I was told that only my sites were hacked, but it turns out the entire server that housed my sites was hacked. This is good because it means I don't need to take it personally, but it's bad because my sites are broken, and you know me... I didn't have recent backups.

So I'm done with that crap. I'm done with having my own sites, and I'm handing that part of it over to Blogger.com. I've always thought it seemed a bit less "professional" when bloggers used services like this, but it certainly has its advantages.

So this new blog will be a compilation of my latest projects, and my thoughts on MMOs, the post-apoc genre, music, family, off-grid living and anything else that tickles my fancy.